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The ‘Dream’ Business Exit

25. 03. 2021, ACS News

Almost all business owners have a “dream exit”: a well-financed buyer flies in, offers up a suitcase full of cash with no strings over a steak and lobster dinner, and the next day the owner is sitting on a beach with a Mai Tai. These kinds of dream exits do occur, but they are extremely […]

International Activities Report 2020

03. 03. 2021, ACS News

2020 was a truly “interesting” – i.e. disruptive – year in our business. Please have an interesting reading on some of the main effects and our M&A activities in 2020:

Book Review: Hans Rosling “Factfulness”

15. 01. 2021, ACS News

Normally, we do not provide book reviews because most books carry either a hidden or even outspoken agenda. We are not in the business of spreading anybody’s philosophy, ideology or conviction. The reviewed book is a rare exception: it is an eye-opener in teaching the reader …….

Kleine Gedanken … Dezember 2020

05. 01. 2021, ACS News

Mit Dank an unseren langjährigen Partner Jürg Kohler möchten wir Ihnen seinen – wie immer – prägnanten und nachdenklichen Text im Dezember 2020 zukommen lassen. Zur Verfügung gestellt von Jürg Kohler, Partner SE Swiss Equities AG Hier der Text des Newsletters:

Weihnachten & Neujahr / Seasons Greetings

22. 12. 2020, ACS News

Manfred Moschner & das ACS-Team wünschen – nach einem sehr speziellen Jahr 2020 – besinnliche Weihnachten, Gesundheit und Erfolg im Neuen Jahr 2021! Manfred Moschner & the ACS-Team wish you Merry Christmas, Helth and all the Best for the New Year 2021!

Dilemma for Local Private Investors

18. 12. 2020, ACS News

For domestic private investors, the dilemma of choice is increased as a consequende and a combination of …… Dr Rasinger from the IVA (Austrian Association respresenting the Interests of Investors) showed the current situation in his article We have added some own views, too. Have an interesting reading: