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Growing a company externally can sometimes be the best strategic option. One of many ways to grow a company is by making acquisitions; however, implementation is as crucial as the acquisition itself.

Why Make an Acquisition?

Maybe to enter into a new market? Gain market share in the current market? Acquire many companies or simply one company?

A popular growth strategy is a global or local „build & buy“ strategy to increase market share in an industry or build an entirely new business area. This is one of the more complex ways to grow but very promising.

We will discover the motivation of owners and persuade them to consider a sale – even though they would have never done so on their own. This way a buyer can access companies that are not publicly available.

We use a precisely aimed approach to establish the willingness of candidates to enter into discussions with us before disclosing our client. We developed a systematic search in order to eliminate „white spots on the map“.

Build & Buy-Strategy

Build&buy-strategies are usually followed with the aim of obtaining a certain market position in a particular industry by acquiring similar or related companies and achieving a consolidation of this industry.

We support our clients by identifying growth potential and contribute considerably to the decision making process. We can draw on resources and know-how of all international and local ACS partners.

The Integration Phase

A distinctive service  is our help with the implementation process after an acquisition. It does not matter whether we were involved in the acquisition or not.

The long-term success of a transaction and the added value justifying the purchase price is mainly created in the integration phase.

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