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DDr. Manfred Moschner, Founder

What sets us apart is that we are a truly international company. As an interdisciplinary and cross-border consulting company, we have completed over 250 transactions with success rate of 95 %.

We consider ourselves as an additional strategic resource to our clients.

70% of strategic transactions occur between buyers and sellers who did not previously know each other.
(Core Capital Group, u.s.a.)

Together with partners of m&a professionals and industrial specialists, we are serving our clients with local resources and competence globally.

More than 90% of our partners have operative and strategic experience with industrial and business operations — a further reason why we are the logical partner for strategic business solutions. The efficient and effective cooperation in the respective countries enables goal–oriented action, reducing cost and saving time for the client.

  • 2017 Integrity Group Holdings (AUS): Fund Raising of AU$ 165 mil via Investors from Australia, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • 2013 SportsDirect.com Retail Ltd. (uk) acquired 51% of the Shares of Sport Eybl Holding gmbh (at) and the rest of the Shares in 2014
  • 2012 Ascom Switzerland sold its Austrian subsidiary to the Austrian management
  • 2010 ATP Architekten+Ingenieure (at) acquired 100% of the Shares of a Swiss Architectural & Engineering Firm (ch)
  • 2007 Montex a.s. (sk) was acquired by MCE Industrietechnik (at), today part of Bilfinger Industrial Services
  • 2006 Sintesis Quimica (ag) was sold to Punjab Chemicals (in)
  • 2004-2007 AGRANA (at) acquired in several steps 100% of the Shares of Atys France
  • 2000 Anglo Irish Bank acquired 100% of the Shares of Banque Marcuard Cook & Cie (ch)
  • 2000 P&O TransEuropean (de/uk) acquired EL Marqueset S.A. (es)
  • 1999 Teamworks Austria (at) was sold to Altran Technologies (fr)
  • 1997 Pan Titan (at) was acquired by Stratec Medical (ch), today part of Zimmer Group US – M. Moschner’s personal deal no. 100

Rule #1

Mutual Trust and Confidence

We only accept tasks, where a relationship of trust with the client can be established and where the client himself is completely trustworthy and a person of integrity.

We undertake only exclusive mandates, and simultaneously offer industry exclusivity to the client.

It is absolutely inadmissible to accept fees from opposite sides in a transaction.

Rule #2

Comprehensive Due Diligence

We will only undertake projects which have been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated.

We will engage ourselves in the role of the counter-part to evaluate each and every project as if it were our own.

Rule #3

Service Principle

Our foremost aspiration is to offer a high quality advisory service. Projects which no value-adding component of advisory service are of secondary importance.

We will generally avoid pure intermediary situations as they have no competitive advantage.

Rule #4

Retainer / Consultancy Fee Principle

Our services are fully transparent. The client can suspend and postpone the process at any stage and elect to continue at a later time, or include the help of third parties.

Our principle for the “know-how” intensive parts of the process is: „Good value for good money!”

Rule #5

Absolutely NO Conflicts of Interest

There are no interdependencies between us and our clients, either financial or industrial. Therefore there will be no cross-selling.

We can and always will act solely in the interest of our client to achieve the best possible solution.

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