Exit & Liquidity Planning

There are hundreds of reasons—and there are hundred ways to transfer your business. Top buyers never go to auctions. They need to be found and this is what we do best.

You want to optimise your motives and your company value. We steer you through the process of efficient planning creating liquidity or exit.

This includes:

Our Specialities:

The rule is simple: the prime candidate is always the one who will derive the most benefit from the acquisition and is therefore willing to pay the highest price.

The shareholders of Montex entrusted ACS exclusively with the search for a strategic partner. ACS has acted with high professionalism in all stages of the process crowned by a successful closing. We especially appreciated the non–disclosure of our identity, which allowed us to concentrate on our day–to–day operations without negative effects on our business.

Dipl. Ing. Juraj Minar, one of the shareholders of Montex a.s.

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