Business Owner in the Land of Covid-19

Russ Warren and Matt Bodenstedt start their article: “COVID-19 will be remembered as the germ that shut down America …

May we add:

1) “Not only America – but most of the world”

And 2) “Whether the real reasons of the money-supply induced recession that is already looming since a few years will also be remembered, depends upon which forces will win this fight for political power, and who will write the history books of the future.”

Indeed, COVID will “change the way we do business”. Provided there will be a free world to do free business as we are now used to.

Change will be at the horizon, anyway.

Both authors give an excellent overview on some of the major trends and a way to prepare – not only for a transition in ownership. We appreciate their positive attitude and their faith in entrepreneurial spirit and thank them that they allow us to share their thoughts: ACS article 2020-08_by RussWarren_Business Owner in Land of Covid-19

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